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I restored the shire_icontest Hall of Fame entry that was ruined by Photobucket's new TOS with new Postimage links so all the icons are back, and I finally updated with all of the first place icons so far.

Also as you've just seen me post, the IotY Hall of Fame is now complete.

FYI my long inactive community lotr_love which was meant to be a daily picture community for The Lord of the Rings movies, is now up for adoption. If you want to take over as moderator and use the community for something LotR related (it doesn't have to remain as daily-picture posting community) please let me know by commenting below or over at this entry.
Dream of the Endless

Icon of the Year Hall of Fame

This is the Hall of Fame for "Icon of the Year" winners only, the main Hall of Fame with first place winners from all challenges is at this entry.
To see all the icons that ever placed in challenges (set in banners), you can view the Awards Gallery.

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Dream of the Endless

Challenge Sixty-Two: Results

Congrats everybody!
Thank you for participating and/or voting in the challenge.
The points tally is posted as a comment to the voting post.
Challenge entries will be un-screened. Be sure to credit the designers if using any icons.
Banners will be posted at a later time.
The 1st place icon will be uploaded to the userpics to be the community default icon until the next challenge.

Challenge Sixty-Two ~ Winners
First Place
by lookslikerain
Second Place

Third Place

by lookslikerain

No mod's choice was given due to all entrants placing and/or a small number of participants or icons entered.
Dream of the Endless

Challenge Sixty-Two: Voting

Thanks for entering the challenge!
Voting will be open at least 4 days (TBA).


Please choose three different icons for First, Second & Third place in order of preference.
Remember to vote for the icons you like the best based on quality and not only for your favorite characters.
You may ask people to vote, but please don't tell them which icons were made by you.

If any of your icons are missing from the table PM me.

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Dream of the Endless

Challenge Sixty-Two: Foliage

Challenge Sixty-Two: Foliage

New Deadline: Sunday, August 6, 2017 at 9pm [PDST]

For this challenge your icons should the characters with trees, plants, flowers or greenery - whether as seen in the original movie scenes or added as design elements (stock such as floral & leaf textures, brushes, etc).

[[Credits.]]1 by lady_turner, 3 by christinaa88, 4 by sweet_pink_paw,

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