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[sticky post] Challenge Fifty-Three: Pick a Palette

Challenge Fifty-Three: Pick a Palette

Monday, October 31, 2016 at 11:59 PM [Pacific]

For this challenge your icons should display the specific colors from one of the dozen Middle-earth inspired color palettes posted below.

Challenge Info, Palettes & Image Galleries.Collapse )

promos & affiliates

gameofcards is back with all kinds of challenges including graphics, writing, games & memes!
Your choice of fandom media & often non-fandom can be used to complete the graphics challenges.
Ask to join a team & tell them I sent you.

Affiliate promo:

An icontest featuring any famous people on their birthdays.

Shire Icontest Feedback Poll

Sorry there's nothing going on here. I didn't forget the community I just needed a break.  I have a kind of inspiration post in the works but it it would help me to know if anyone is interested in doing a different kind of challenge with icon sets (other than the 1 to 5 icon challenge as normal).

Would you like to do either of these icon set challenges (choose as many as you like)?

Challenge type you're interested in

5 icon set in two weeks
10 icon set in 1 month
7 icon set in 2 weeks
9 icon set in 3 weeks
12 Icon Set in a month
None of the above/Other

A few years ago, we had the Battle of the Nine (a nine image icon battle). You can see it here and then let me know if you'd be interested in another one. Everything would probably be the same except for the picture choice - anyone who signed up could have images in the battle (since this icontest has less active members now).

There's a typo, the text should read "Would you be interested in doing a 9-icon battle?"

Would be interested in doing a 9-Icon Battle?

Yes, I would participate.
I have no opinion/I'm a watcher.

Finally it's a 'help-wanted' ad. If anyone would like to help out here as a banner maker or even a co-mod who creates and runs challenges please comment or PM me.

All comments will be screened.

Challenge Fifty-Two: Results

Congrats everybody!
Thank you for participating and/or voting in the challenge.
The points tally is posted as a comment to the voting post.
Challenge entries will be un-screened. Be sure to credit the designers if using any icons.
Banners will be posted at a later time.
The 1st place icon will be put into the hall of fame (when I update it) & as a default the profile userpics & in the sidebar (click for credits) until the next round.

☙ Challenge Fifty-Two ~ Winners ❧
First Place
by erinm_4600
Second Place
by mayfrayn
Third Place (tie)
by lookslikerain
Third Place(tie)
by lookslikerain
Best Crop
by lookslikerain
Mod's Choice
by eiremauve

A new challenge will be posted within a few days.

voting reminder

Please remember to vote over here, there's a tie. Thanks!

Challenge Fifty-Two: Voting

There over a dozen icons to vote on, thanks for your participation!

Voting will be open at least 4 days (TBA).


Please choose three different icons for First, Second & Third place.
Also pick one for 'Best Crop' for best image cropping/framing.
Remember to vote for the icons you like the best based on quality and not only for your favorite characters.
You may ask people to vote, but please don't tell them which icons were made by you.

If any of your icons are missing from the table PM me.

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LIMS Movie

This month lims_movie (a last-icon-maker-standing icontest) will feature The Fellowship of the Ring.
Sign-ups are still open over here.

challenge reminder

Deadline: Sunday, September 4th, 2016 at 10:00pm [Pacific]

Currently, there are four participants and only 2 days left to enter!

Challenge Fifty-Two: Nightfall

Challenge Fifty-Three: Nightfall

Deadline: Sunday, September 4th, 2016 at 10:00pm [Pacific]

For this challenge your icons should show scenes in shadow and shade; dim light and darkness.

[credits.]Icon #1 by partitioning, #2 by immortalje, #3 by lady_turner

Challenge Info & Image Galleries.Collapse )

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